Perculiar, 22

Gang member

Fabiana, 25

Pastry Chef

Fabio, 29


Giorgia, 29


Kaio, 32


Lorella, 31

Sous chef

Loris, 31

Demi Chef

Shamus, 26

Kitchen manager

Tyreece, 20

Gang member


The Gang is a colourful team, a crew of rock stars who did not necessarily apply with a CV but rather with guts and a desire to learn without limits. To find each other, we joined forces with a local charity – Street League, bridging the gap between us and young people to whom access to employment has been more difficult.

Because we are convinced that catering is an incredible tool for professionalisation, social boost and the acquisition of skills to which anyone should be able to have access to, Napoli Gang loudly advocates for equal opportunities.

Our entire ecosystem is thought of as a culinary school, with a training course, internal promotion opportunities that allow you to learn and discover all the professions of the kitchen, from clerk, to fornaio, pizzaiolo, to front manager and manager of kitchen team, with diploma in hand. All this in order to open new doors and new opportunities.