There is no Planet B

  1. B-corp
    We are convinced that it is the daily commitments that make the difference. We take the B Corp label as a guide pointing us in the right direction on these topics that are very close to our hearts. Our goal with Napoli Gang is simple: shake up delivery standards, do things right while eating better.
  2. All our packaging are recyclable
    All our packaging is 100% recyclable and even collectable and can be kept for life, like our tiramisu glass jar.

We care about people

  1. Equal opportunities
    The Gang is a colourful team, a crew of rock stars who did not necessarily apply with a CV but rather with guts and a desire to learn without limits To find each other, we joined forces with a local charity – Street League, bridging the gap between us and young people to whom access to employment has been more difficult
  2. Training and development opportunities
    Our entire ecosystem is designed as a catering school, with training, internal promotion opportunities that allow you to learn and discover all the trades of the kitchen, from the clerk, to fornaiolo, pizzaiolo, to front manager and manager of the kitchen team with diploma in hand.
  3. 1% more for our delivery people & a long way to go
    We donate 1% of Napoli Gang’s turnover to our delivery people, in addition to their remuneration, without intermediaries or commissions.
  4. 23 years old and in the lead
    100% of the team is financially interested in the success of the project and its social mission. Because we want a better sharing of value, all strategic decisions are taken by a Monitoring Committee where each employee has a voice, alongside our partners and producers. All under the control of an OTI (Independent Third Party) which ensures the proper execution of the mission. Clearly, at 23, everyone is in charge.